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What We Do
Send Flower to are China online flower resource. Same with our name, we engaged in sending flowers to China.

Who we are is managed by Net of China Florists. We managed traditional flowers shops in main cities of China in the past. Internet give us a chance to show our flower on Internet. Then our old and new customers can buy our flowers online.

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How can we send flower to China?
We have delivery center in main cities of China. We will inform our delivery center to prepare the flower once we have your reservation.

How long time do we need to send flower to China?
Usually we need 3 hours to send flower to the place you appointed.

How can we make a reservation to send a flower to China ?
You have methods to make reservation for a flower bouquet.
1. Email. We will confirm via email.
2. Fax. We will confirm via fax.
3. Telephone. We will confirm iva phone.

Is there any other gift we be sent with flower?

Payment method for the service of sending flower to China ?
There is 3 payment method for your reference:
1. Credit card ( We accept Visa and Master Card)
2. Western Union (receive the payment with 4 hours)
3. Pay us upon arrival.

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